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With many extensive options available including private financing, take advantage of our teams connections and knowledge. Bring to life any project with confidence knowing you are getting the lowest rate possible for construction financing.


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Private Financing Option


We offer private financing options for construction projects for those who seek alternative funding from traditional banks and lenders. Avoid strict rules and guidelines. Message us today for more information.


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Unlimited Draws


Take advantage of hassle free unlimited draws. Enjoy no unnecessary fees when you apply for a construction loan through SJC Financial.


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Quick Approval for Construction Financing

Step 1

Get pre-approved

Our team will let you know if you're qualified before you finish the full application.

Step 2

Select your rate and term

Our team will help you choose the right mortgage that fits your needs.

Step 3

Verify your info and sign

Provide us with the needed documentation to complete the process.

Step 4

Peace of mind

Our team will handle all the other details and paperwork for you.

Step 5


We will gather all required materials and submit a strong application to a suitable lender so you can get approved quickly and begin your construction project.



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Begin your application by filling out our long application form or you can simply head over to our contact page and fill out basic details to begin your construction loan.

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Residential Development


Build the home or investment property of your dreams with sound financing. Get approved for single detached, semi detached, multi residential and much more. Contact us today to explore your options.


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Land Development


Start your land development project with SJC Financial. Our team has worked on a number of large scale land development projects and can transfer their extensive expertise on to you and your project to ensure a greater likelihood of success.


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  • I had a great experience working with SJC Financial. The team was always very responsive, provided excellent rates, and were able to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend.
    Nico K.


Lock in Today's Best Construction Rates


Save thousands by acquiring the best construction rates in Ottawa guaranteed. Our team will shop AAA lenders and can provide private financing as well depending on your preference and goals.


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Our Trusted Lenders


Fast Approval for Construction Financing

We specialize in funding all types of construction projects. Enjoy the best rates and advice for land development, detached, semi-detached, multi residential and much more. 

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