Meet Team SJC Financial

Steven Cleiri

CEO & Principal Broker

Mortgage Agent License: M21000019

Level 2 Agent

Johnny Younes

General Manager/Mortgage Agent

Mortgage Agent License: M20001458

Level 2 Agent

Morgan Baker

Mortgage Agent & Fulfillment Analyst 

Mortgage Agent License: M22002115

Level 2 Agent

Vicky Argumedo

Mortgage Agent & Underwriter

Mortgage Agent License: M20002248

Bilingual: English & Spanish

Level 2 Agent


Ryan Choueiri

Marketing Manager

Bilingual: English & French

Nick Cripps

Mortgage Agent Level 1


Mortgage Agent License: M22003379

Ahmed Al-Shraify

Mortgage Agent Level 1


Mortgage Agent License: M22004457

Wissam Mezher

Mortgage Agent

Mortgage Agent License: M22002478

Bilingual: English & Arabic

Level 1 Agent

Sylvia Eslao Visentin

Fulfillment Specialist

Mortgage Agent License: M22001748

Level 1 Agent

George Afrifa

Mortgage Agent Level 1


Mortgage Agent License: M23007180

Rashad Dawi

Mortgage Agent Level 2


Mortgage Agent License: M18002174

Eduardo Moy

Mortgage Agent Level 1


Mortgage Agent License: M23007185

Suaid Jawed Mufti

Mortgage Agent Level 1

(613) 608-0561

Mortgage Agent License: M24000284

  • What can I say, Steve and team worked tirelessly to help me secure a mortgage during a very exhausting process. This mortgage was not as simple as perhaps some of the others. My wife and I just moved back from a different city, had a 3 month old and I started a new job earlier in the year. It took me over 6 months to purchase a house and secure a deal. After the exhausting efforts during a very tough market, Steve and his team at SJC Financial gave me an opportunity to move forward and start my real estate investment journey. His tireless efforts, guidance and knowledge of the industry is what made this all possible. My situation was complex, my income was variable and the pandemic has made banks more insecure than ever... - Patrick and Stephanie
    Patrick Kiwan

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